This morning I woke up very early, well before dawn. A deep depression had set in, fear and hopelessness. I prayed. I played a Bible study from John MacArthur on Grace To You (I also constantly listen to Thru The Bible’s three programs with Dr. J. Vernon McGee, as well as Chuck Swindoll’s Insight For Living. They all have a radio presence but are also available as free podcasts or streaming audio online).

I drifted back to sleep, waking once more in between. I prayed each time, prostrating myself. I begged for Hope and encouragement, for patience and reassurance. I still felt awful and low but I tried to work on a written piece I’d finished. I was connecting Bible passages to certain parts of the work when God lifted me up. This has happened before very recently. While looking for something else, He places something else in front of me, quite unexpectedly, that answers my prayer. He lifted the depression and strengthened me when I found the commentary by Matthew Henry, part of which is included in this Christian meme.

I will have to keep praying. The challenges of this solitude won’t just go away forever now that today I have been renewed- but I know that He does listen. He does answer. I will carry on petitioning Him even as I walk with Him. I hope you will, also.

In Christ,

His Slave